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Why pay more than you have to for your electricity. 

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Luz123 is based in the Xàbia, Alicante, Spain.  Formerly known as Alta Luz; providing honest reliable advice for expats and locals alike since 2016.

This site focuses on making savings by switching Electricity Supplier in Spain,  the Balearic and the Canary Islands.  You can find more savings and information at


Worrying about your Electric?

Do you think your electric bills are too high, or there are things you don’t understand on your bill? Maybe you are unsure what tariff to be on.

We are here to help.  Just send us your invoice and we can review it, clarify what things mean and guide you to any possible saving.

Once we have reviewed your bill, you will receive a personal report showing what you could save if you switched to the best deal available.

We are independent agents, 100% working on your behalf.

We do not charge for our services.

Do you need to Change your contracted kW?

Maybe you think you are contracting too much and can make a saving by reducing the contracted kilowattage; or your power keeps tripping out due to an overload and you need to increase kilowattage!

You lifestyle may have changed, or the previous property owners were high energy users.  Then we can reduce your contracted kW for you.  Your electric distributor will charge around €9 (+IVA) to lower your contracted kW.  You could save about €40/kW/year (+IVA), but don’t lower it too much as an increase in kilowattage is pricey.

If you need to increase your contracted kilowattage, this costs around €37/kW increase + €9 (+IVA).

We are available to discuss your needs and recommend the kW.  We will then complete the necessary paperwork for the required changes. 

Save by Changing to another Tariff

There are many different tariffs available, each offering benefits depending on your lifestyle.

  • Day/Night Tariffs

  • Solar Virtual Battery
  • Prepay Electric

  • Fixed Rate

  • Indexed

We can guide you to the best tariff that fits your lifestyle, enabling you to make the most savings. 

Changing the Name on the Contract

Have you just bought or sold your property and need to change name on the property electricity contract?

No problem, give us the new details and supporting documents, we will then prepare the new contract for you. 

New Supply or Electric Disconnected?

If you need a new connection, just forward us the CIE (Boletin) and we will complete the rest of the paperwork for you and get your property back on the grid.


We are authorised agents for;

Endesa, Gana Energia, Uni Eléctrica, Plenitude, Naturgy, Holaluz, Evergreen Eléctrica, Eleia, Globe Energy, Total Energies, Repsol, Iberdrola

Solar Energy

A typical solar system can save between 80% and 100% on your energy bills, depending on system size and placement.

How do you Save?

Without doubt a solar installation will save you money from day one, but at a cost; so you need to ensure you are having the correct size installation for your property/lifestyle.

You will save on your day to day usage, as most of the energy you will use will be from your own production.

You will also be sending excess energy back to your electricity provider, which should be paid back to you as a credit on your bill.

There are many solar tariffs available; LUZ123 can you guide you to the best one where you benefit the most.

Free No Obligation Quote

Contact LUZ123 for a free no obligation quote for a solar installation that meets your needs.

Each installation is very personal, we need to review your current and planned future usage along with available roof space.  We work with you to reduce your bill to Zero.

There is only so much saving you can make with a solar installation; if you install big your electricity company will benefit more than you. With the correct installation payback can be less than 4 years.

Switch & Save - Easy as 1 2 3

1 Send us Your Electric Bill To Review

We review your bill and provide you with a comparison report showing how much you can save if you switch company. We will let you know if we spot anything unusual on your bill.

2. Review Your Report

Check out the savings if you switch. When you are ready to Switch let us know

No need to contact your current electric company, bank or anyone else; we do it all for you.

3. Sign The Contract

No need to worry about paperwork, we will complete the contract for you.  Just check your details and sign.  In some cases signing is just a click and done.

No meter change or  interruption to your supply

Call us now on +34 622 34 52 26 and let's see how we can help you lower your bills


Jim Nye
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within 24 hours we had a price comparison report, recommendations and a new contract with the new supplier. Mark was so efficient, thanks for cutting our bill almost in half
Freddy Bierens
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good, friendly and correct
Gudney Margret
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Perfect service! Quick response and I've saved a bunch by having Mark go over my electric bill and help me change companies! Thanks again for great service

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Call us now on +34 622 34 52 26 and let's see how we can help you lower your bills.
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