Solar Instalation

A fantastic oportunity to install and enjoy the benfits of solar in your Spanish home with no inital payments.

The savings outweigh the costs, therefore see a reduction on your electricity bill from day one.

2021 goverment grant now available; we will ensure your application goes through.

No need to worry about filling in forms; we do all that for you and ensure all relevant licence applications are completed with your town hall. 


  • Request a report showing how much energy you can generate and how much you can save
  • We will call you to explain the whole procedure
  • Installation expert will visit to ensure your roof is suitable and installation is viable
  • We request all the installation licences and permissions from your town hall
  • We Install your new solar instalation so you can start enjoying your free green energy
  • We maintain your solar instalation to ensure you are recieving the full benefit

Contact us for more information

If you would like to know more about having a solar installation, please send us your details and we will give you a call.